Well not quite, we are still living on the boat but based in Mayflower Marina, Plymouth.

We have been based here for 10 weeks now, the longest time we have spent in UK since we started on our own in 2007!

During the past 15 years we have often been asked by friends and guests alike ‘What do you miss most being away all the time?’ The answer to that is easy, we really miss being able to spend time with family and friends and going to family events.

So, we have been trying to make the most of our time here and we have made a point of catching up with as many people as we can. Some of whom I hadn’t seen for more than 30 years, including the school teacher/housemistress who first introduced me to sailing! Thank you Judith.

Thank you all for your hospitality

With people scattered all over the country, so far we have driven 1600 miles from Plymouth to Scotland and back, with multiple stopovers in between. Sadly, we couldn’t work everyone in and if we missed you – Sorry!

It was great to be able to see so many people and catch up on so much family news. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your homes and looking after us. We have enjoyed all of your company and been delighted to have the opportunity to share plans of our big South America adventure with you.

The most recurrent questions were – Can we track you? and Will you write a blog?.

Yes and Yes.

This week I’ve been doing some work on it. The Velvet Adventure website and blog are now closed on the Web, but I have managed to export all my previous content to the new blog here

Full details of the proposed route and target places and dates along the way can be found here – top right of the blog screen or in the menu.

The plan for 2022/3/4

Tracking is using No Foreignland, click on the Where are We link at the top right of the blog page or in the menu. We are able to update our position when on passage using our Iridium phone. Hopefully daily – sometimes we may even be able to add a sentence or two!

Its all very exciting.

getting ready to go

No doubt about it – It’s a long way, and so once again we are organising ourselves to be at sea for a long time. The past 2 years have given us time to scheme and plan so we have started adding equipment to make us more self sufficient at anchor and less reliant on marinas.

Solar panels and wind generator have been fitted – extra to our diesel generator to provide our electricity, heater to heat and make hot water and the next project is to upgrade our old watermaker for a more modern one. It is certainly keeping us busy.

We’ve turned the boat into a workshop and we have spares and new items waiting to be fitted stowed on all the bunks

We’ve had engineers and riggers on board to give all our systems a good check over and the sails are away being serviced.

Cleaning and painting too

We’ve already bought a new anchor and heavier chain to make us more secure at anchor, and today the new windlass arrived – to make it easier to lift – will it fit?!


To ensure entry into some South American countries we have to have a Yellow Card to say we are up to date with yellow fever jabs, so this week we are off to the travel health clinic. When I was making the appointment the travel health nurse recommended that we have protection against a few more diseases too. We don’t want to be ill out in the wilderness, so over the next 3 weeks we have to have 10 needles each. OUCH!

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